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5 Tips for Heat-Proof Summer Weddings in Southern Louisiana

Five Tips for Heat-Proof Summer Weddings in Southern Louisiana

Summer will be here before we know it, and so will wedding season! Although there are weddings year round, the typical wedding season usually begins in late spring and continues through early fall, with a peak in June and September. According to WeddingWire, the summer months of May and June both actually rank as some of the most popular months to get married. While some of our brides may want to avoid the scorching temperatures of summer in South Louisiana, these are actually some of the most beautiful months to get married! The sun is shining bright, and the days are longer – the perfect combination for an unforgettable fête. There are also many beautiful options for outdoor venues if you’re not afraid to brave the heat. Whether you’re a wedding planner or planning your own special day, we’ve put together some tips for planning the summer wedding of your dreams.

Plan Early

Since summertime is typically a demanding time for weddings, you must try to plan early. Many wedding venues fill up fast for this time of year, so plan to decide on your venue at least 6 months out (that means now if you’re planning a Summer 2019 wedding!). Summers are also packed with family vacations and other special occasions, so you should send out your wedding invitations early so your guests can plan ahead.

Dress For The Weather

If there’s one thing for certain about summer weddings, it’s that it’s going to be hot! If it’s an outdoor wedding, be mindful when picking out the attire for your bridal party. You don’t want them sweating through their tuxes and dresses on a hot Louisiana summer day! Light, airy fabrics like linen are perfect for the guys. Loose, breezy dresses would be beautiful and comfortable for your girls. And when it comes to your wedding dress, make sure you choose a dress that is breathable with a lighter fabric, and lets you move comfortably throughout the day.

Keep Cool & Stay Hydrated

People often get overheated and dehydrated in the summer months, and with the busyness and excitement of your wedding day, it’s easy to overlook hydration. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, and don’t forget about your guests either! You can set out a Pinterest-worthy water cooler with water bottles for your guests, or provide fans and handkerchiefs to help everyone keep cool. If part of your day will be celebrated outside, talk to your wedding coordinator for ideas on how you can provide some additional heat relief, such as a shaded area or tent, especially for your older or more heat-sensitive guests.

Be Mindful When Choosing Flowers

You may be dreaming of pretty pink peonies, but keep in mind that there are certain flowers that are not meant to withstand the summer heat. Luckily, there are plenty of pretty summer flowers, including Calla Lilies, Asters, Daisies, Lavender and many more. Orchids are a great choice for summer bouquets for their summer-like appearance and ability to withstand the summer heat without wilting. You can also experiment with other wedding decorations and centerpieces if you are afraid of your flowers wilting. Consider lanterns or other decorations that will not only hold up better in the sun but can also be less expensive. Lots of brides today are even opting out of the traditional real flower bouquets and going with something like paper flowers. Feel free to look for alternatives that can bring a creative touch to your day while also serving as a sweet keepsake for you and your bridesmaids!

The summer heat and heavy food don’t mix! Try to plan a seasonal menu that is light and refreshing with plenty of fresh produce, such as fruit skewers or fruit salads. Savory and airy pastries, a fresh Bruschetta, and a cool Shrimp Cocktail would make excellent hors d’oeuvres. Other great options for your summer wedding are grilled fish or chicken with steamed seasonal vegetables. And never underestimate a good summer salad! A great wine pairing for your summer fare would be a chilled white or rosé wine, and a refreshing signature summer cocktail would also help keep your guests lively and cool!

If you’re considering a summer wedding in Baton Rouge or Prairieville, call or contact us today to schedule a tour of our two beautiful venues in Baton Rouge and Prairieville for any of your wedding festivities! We guarantee that our experienced planners and accommodating staff at Oak Lodge and Parc 73 can help you heat-proof your day, and create an unforgettable celebration that everyone will enjoy!

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The First 3 Things to Do When You Get Engaged

The First 3 Things to Do When You Get Engaged - Blog Post by Oak Parc Events

The magical moment you’ve been waiting for since you were young has finally come – getting engaged to the partner of your dreams. After the “yes” and endless flood of emotions, there are many things you must do. From sharing the engagement with loved ones to thinking about a wedding date, this can be an overwhelming process. All of a sudden, that wedding Pinterest board you made back in the day isn’t cutting it. We are here to guide you in the right direction. So take a breath and relax as we guide you on 3 things you should do right after the engagement.


Before your start feeling overwhelmed with to-do’s and what-if’s, take a moment to soak it all in and enjoy! You’ll soon see what everyone means when they say it all goes by in a flash, so make sure you take some time to celebrate with your new fiancé, go get a relaxing manicure (so you can share your ring on Instagram, of course!), and toast to all the exciting times ahead! The fun is just beginning!

Share the News with Family & Friends

Of course you’ll be anxious to share the news with your family and loved ones. Here’s a tip: think twice before posting on social media just yet! Let your parents and closest loved ones and friends know first. If possible, try to meet them in person. They’ll appreciate personally including them in your special celebration before they see the news flash on Facebook!

Get Your Ring Sized and Insured

This may not be top of mind for you, and certainly isn’t the most exciting thing to do at this time, but trust us – it’s a vital step! If the ring doesn’t fit, go ahead and get it resized now before the hustle and bustle of wedding planning gets going (and before your engagement pictures!). More importantly, don’t wait to get your ring insured. Anything can happen, and it’s important to protect your most treasured gem! You can usually add it on as an extension to your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, so give your agent a call.


You deserve the wedding you’ve always dreamed about, and the planning and parties will come soon enough! This is a special time for joy and excitement as you and your fiancé begin your new lives together, so take it all in and relax.

When you are ready to get started on the planning details, take a look at our list of preferred vendors, and we hope you’ll consider one of our two beautiful venues in Baton Rouge and Prairieville for any of your wedding festivities!

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