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Top Off-Site Corporate Events To Plan This Year

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Businesses are always trying to find new ways to engage their employees. Whether it’s team bonding lunches or holiday parties, there are many ways to bring your employees together for a meaningful corporate event. People sometimes tend to think of corporate events as boring and tedious, but that doesn’t have to be the case! We’ve put together the top off-site corporate events you can plan in 2019 to keep your employees and customers engaged and excited, and how you can make yours the most memorable.


Client or Employee Appreciation Event

Everyone loves to feel appreciated! Host a special event catered to your top employees to recognize their achievements, or plan a client appreciation event to help build a better relationship with your most loyal clients. To make it memorable, you’ll want to create a friendly environment with a fun atmosphere. There can be networking opportunities and valued prizes to encourage people to participate.

What to look for: While you would probably love to pull out all the stops for your top people, realistically, you probably also want to be budget-conscious. When choosing a venue, be sure to consider potential amenities that will save you time and money like event packages, catering menus, on-site event planners, and decor, so you can focus on the “appreciation” part!


Sales Meeting or Team Training

Shake things up a bit and get your team re-energized and motivated by getting out of the office for a meeting or training. Share ideas, review processes, and show your team how invested you are in their growth.

What to look for: For a productive event that keeps things moving smoothly, make sure you ask your venue if they have the A/V equipment you’ll need, including surround sound, projectors, screens, microphones, podiums, etc.  


Team-Building Event

Reward your team for their hard work and strengthen social ties. Be creative by throwing awards banquets, company crawfish boils, barbecues, and much more! Try to ensure that your employees are engaged and challenged throughout the event. Team building events should be fun and engaging for all staff members. Also, try to schedule this event during the workday if it will be mandatory, or you can make it an optional weekend event that employees can bring their families to.

What to look for: With a variety of activities like ice breakers, small group breakout sessions, and scavenger hunts, team-building events often have unique space considerations to make! Think ahead and plan out all the activities you’ll want to engage in, so you can be on the lookout for the proper space needs in a venue. If the time of year is right, maybe even look for a nice outdoor space to help people loosen up and engage even more!


Internal Board Meetings

Go off-site with your key stakeholders to change things up a bit and put the excitement back in reporting! Board members are busy, and often have other commitments – plan for these meetings extra early to try to ensure they can fit everyone’s schedules.

What to look for: Again, check to make sure your venue has all the equipment you need to throw a successful board meeting, including Wi-Fi, and be sure to take privacy into consideration. A place with a smaller, secluded room that can be closed off from the public would be ideal for board members to feel comfortable discussing private business matters.


Holiday Party

Who doesn’t look forward to the company Christmas party? It may be far from your mind in March, but did you know that now is actually the best time to plan Christmas and holiday parties? The best venues are likely to be in high demand during the holiday season, so reserving your space early can not only guarantee your spot but often also gets you the best deal! This should be time for your employees to relax and have fun as they enjoy the holiday festivities, and a great space makes all the difference!  

What to look for: Look for an event space that can really help bring the holiday mood to life with festive décor, lighting, holiday party food, and a fully stocked bar! Your venue may offer special holiday packages to make it easy to pull it all together without a lot of fuss over the details.


Although planning corporate events is not an easy task, our customizable packages and experienced team make it easy so you can focus on your stakeholders and making an impression. Check out our blog post for more tips on organizing corporate events, or give us a call today to schedule a consultation or walk-through of our two meeting and event spaces in Baton Rouge and Prairieville. We can’t wait to partner with you and take the stress out of planning your company’s event!  

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5 Simple Tips to Organizing a Corporate Event

We get it – organizing a corporate event isn’t easy. Whether your business is large or small, being active in your industry, engaging with your team, and staying in front of your customers are all critical to success. Corporate events are a great way to foster community within your organization or with your customers. When it comes to corporate event planning, every business is different. Corporate events run the gamut from seminars, conferences, trade shows, appreciation events, holiday parties, incentive programs, board meetings, team-building events, team member training, product launches, to many more. One thing we know for sure – a lot of planning is involved in this process. That’s why we made these tips to help ease the stress of organizing your next corporate event.


Know Your Basics: Start Simple

Since there are so many things that go into planning a corporate event, start simple. What is your primary objective? Once you’ve discovered your objective, then you can start getting an idea of who, what, when, where, why, and how many. Does all of this align with your budget and your objective? Check with key stakeholders to make sure they agree. Set the mold for your event, then add in the details later.

Select an Appropriate Venue

You must select a venue that accommodates the guests. Is there enough room? Will the venue go with the atmosphere you want to create for the event? Will food be catered on-site? Do you want it to be outside? Does your venue accommodate your A/V needs, have ample parking, etc.? Do you need to consider the privacy of the space if your event is covering sensitive topics or “trade secrets”? Make sure you tour the space before committing, and request all of the details.

Choose a Varied Menu

Let’s face it – the food can make or break an event. Choose a catering company that has many food options. Keep in mind your guests’ diets, the time of day, and how attentive you need them to be. Do you want guests eating while a speaker is talking, or do you need them to pay closer attention? Make sure you accommodate your guests to the fullest potential.


Advertise and Market Your Event

Don’t let your guests forget about your event! Many businesses skip over this step, but it is very important. Send reminder emails to ensure the event will be at the forefront of their minds. Don’t be afraid to make a Facebook group for the event. Create buzz early in the process so your guests will be excited before they even attend, and send important reminders they will need to keep in mind for the day of.


Assess and Follow Up

While you’re still daydreaming about the success of your event, don’t forget to follow-up! Thank your guests for attending. Ask your colleagues what they liked and disliked about the event. Again, don’t forget to follow up with key stakeholders and get their insights! Take an objective look at how everything went so you can plan for the next one!


You may feel a lot of pressure when planning a corporate event since there’s so many people to please – your boss, your boss’ boss, your peers and all the other attendants – but following these simple steps will help ease the overwhelm and set the stage for an engaging corporate event. In no time, you’ll be a corporate event planning pro!

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